Thursday, August 13, 2009

my dream comes true!!

well, yesterday is very amusing and surpising for me!! i get something that i really really wanna have it. it's FLUTE!!!! well, here is the story

last week, i didn't come to a music lesson in course (piano) so i must come on other day. my piano teacher and i planed to do it this friday, but my teacher has another plan on friday so she just changed it into wednesday.

well, then.. my mom and i went to the course together. also, she wanna ask something to about flute to the receptionist and the owner of the course, cause she's known that i really wanna play flute ^^

first, my mom just ask about it, but well.. i think not really in detail, hehe. before my mom tell that she wanna buy it, the receptionist has put the flute in front of me and my mom. when i looked at it, i just like "WOOOOW!! this is what i want for long time!!"

then my mom ask me "so.. you want it now?" you know, what i just can say if "huh???" LOL cause i still can't believe that it's in front of me (i'm too much huh?? lol) well, after that my piano teacher came and i have the piano lesson, so i don't know what did my mom do or ask after it

after about an hour, i finished the lesson then my mom was sitting while reading a magazine. before we left the course, the receptionist gave my mom the flute!! and you know, i just can't imagine it!!
my mom bought it!! you know we planned to buy the flute next year! after i finished the nation exam!! @.@ WOWW!!! i'm very very very happy ^^ so thank you mom :*

P.S. for erika, quickly! buy a flute, hehehe XP

Sunday, August 2, 2009

friendship day!!

hellooo everyone!!

hmm.. my friend told me that today is friendship day, but you know i don't really understand about it, cause in indo there's no such like this. then i visited my best friend's blog and she said that today is friendship day.. and god!!! i've just realized it!! hehehe

so.. in this post i'll say something to all you guys, my friends,,

anti : best friends forever and ever, hehe.. forgive for what i've done until now, love you :D we have to take some photos next time ok?? lol
erika : gosh, thanks for always supporting me :) tell me if you have another problems ok?

bomi : god, i miss you a lot!! you rare online T.T you really kind, thanks for all you've done for me, i wait for your snail mail ;) you are one of my best friend in interpals!!
hong do : we have known each other well and very long time.. you really kind, nice and cute >u< ^^ i can't wait for new moon, hehe. tram : LOL this is best buddy!! you are my best friend :D i wish i can visit your country and also your school, we have to enter favorite senior high next year!! FIGHT!! hehehe

kyung : my first friend that talk to me in interpals. i haven't talked to you for long time, please reply my message and wall T.T
shahul : thanks for everything, for supporting me, help me and sharing problems with me, you're unique and well.. i don't know sometimes i don't have any idea about you, hehe :D

lyl : thanks for drew me. i haven't finished my draw T.T i'll show to you soon. tell me if your draw something again ok?
sawsan : glad to meet other muslim ^^ your kind, nice and unique, hehe
yinghle : very happy to talk to you ^^ and oh!! i really really wanna play flute!!! please.. please teach me!!
lei : so sorry cause i sent the letter late, so... well, about your project. i'm very happy to talk to you, you're kind and honest >u<

so sorry, if i didn't mention you. but you are my close friends ^^ sorry if i made you all angry.. love you all >u<

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

exhibition ^^

yesterday (26/7) i went to exhibition, the place is not really far from my house, it's near by school too ^^ i went there with my mother. we went after i brought some presents for my best friends :D

there're are 32 province in indo and more than 20 city in west java that participated in that event. i'm very excited to see all the products that they all sell, i've been there last year :)

well, first, i went to east kalimantan stand. some years before i lived there, so when i saw many souvenirs from there i just miss kalimantan and also my friends there :(( well, actually i didn't really take a photo of souvenirs from kalimantan, but i got this photo from internet. these are souvenirs from kalimantan :D well, these area bags, hehe and also pencil cases ^^

then i went to another stand, hehe. it's west java stand!! the province where i love now ;) they sell key rings, it's angklung in small size. and angklung is 100% from indo!!! and also they seel bracelets and necklaces. it's very unique ^^ i rare saw bracelets like that, hehe

then i went to some stands, there are so many batiks that some stands sell. batik is indo's traditional pattern, i mean on cloth. almost all province in indo has their own batik design, i'll show you all some of it ;)


well, the right side i think it's Cirebon's batik, i don't really remember it, but i think it is hehe. and the left side is Madura's batik. Cirebon is a city in West Java and Madura is an island near Java. i'm not really know about batik, i mean the detali, but i learn how to see the different each other, hehehe

well, also, there're many painting from Bali, hehe. Bali is very popular! almost all people that went to indo have visited Bali! but you know, i haven't been there!! =))
hmm.. Bali's painting is very good i think, hehe.. they also sell Bali's batik, hehe. sure it's different betweent the other, hehehe

there're some puppet from indo too. it made from wood, it's from Java ^^ i didn't really see it, but this is the pict of it :D well, the red one looks scary i think, hehe. but it's a funny character, hehehe.. the other pict is some food, it's sweet, but i don't know how to call it in english :P


there are sooooo many things in that exhibition.. i'm happy to went there :) well, that's all for now, hope you enjoy this post ^^

Friday, July 24, 2009

hello ^^

hello everyone!! well, this is my new blog, hehe
i make it in english so my friends from interpals can also read it :D i always write a post with indo slang, so i think my friends can't really translate it, peace :D

well, hope you all guys can enjoy this new blog, and i'm very very sorry cause i'm sure i'll make many mistakes, cause i'm still learing english at school, but just hope you all can understand it ;)

i'll write about my life, well, not daily, but i think precious moment ^^
and please also comment on it ok? thanks for all :D